Enroll today in 2017-2018 Academic Year classes!

Language Stars is now offering open enrollment in 2017-2018 classes. Whether you're a current family or new to Language Stars, there's never been a better time to enroll in any of our FunImmersion® Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, German and Arabic classes. Enrolling in world language classes provides 3 very important benefits:

  1. Accelerated developmentLearning early matters! It sounds simple, but research has proven that early childhood development in subjects like math, science or a foreign language is critical at an early age.
  2. Cultural awarenessFor decades, people have debated the relationship between language and culture. While there is debate about the extent of the relationship, there is little doubt kids foreign language classes develop global citizens.
  3. A bright futureA study conducted by Northern Illinois University reports that in five years, almost half of the state’s regional employers will prioritize hiring college graduates who communicate in more than one language. Whether it's opportunities to make new friends or enhanced career prospects, being bilingual opens many doors.

Language Stars prepares students with the skills to become fluent

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